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C's KiRaNa
14 August 2009 @ 11:33 pm
Yay!!finally..after 4 years hardwork..I graduated today..14 August 2009!!it was really great time..met my dearest members..and the sweet things was..my father hug me and kiss me then said..congratulations..I'm proud with you!it almost made me cry..but i managed not to cry..got 2 bouquet of flowers from my parents and my bro and sis..2presents from my friends..it's really a great and memorable day!I will remember this day for all my life..
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C's KiRaNa
01 February 2009 @ 10:19 am
I went to my aunt's house yesterday because today I will be back to school..she have a bookstore and her house will have so many latest magazines..that's why I loves come to her house..didn't have to spend money to buy magazines..while I'm flipping one of the magazines which is call MEDIA HIBURAN..I saw matsujun photos and I can't believe it..until I flip at the back page..IT'S MATSUJUN!!with his profile and some old stories about him..OMG!my sister and I scream a lot and all family members shocked and get angry becoz we scream too loud..hahah..I never imagine that Matsujun will appear in that magazine..

and today..when I sent my sister to bus station..I went to the bookshop to find that magazines..and I'm really shocked that magazines only 1 left..lucky me I got to buy it..I will try to scan the article this evening before I back to school tonight..

FINALLY!I have scan the article but gomenne its really low quality..this is the first time I scan an article and upload it..ENJOY!!♥

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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C's KiRaNa
04 January 2009 @ 07:16 am
yay!maybe it's not too late to wish happy new year to all my friends in LJ..I'm really sorry for the late wish and it's been so long since I update my journal..I just got busy with my project..my lovely lappy is broken..and life is suck!But..eventhough I didn't update my journal..I'm still sneaking around my friends journal and read them..but sorry if I dont drop a comment..my time is so limited now..4 months more before I will graduate from university..yay!!Minna..please pray for me^^

So..12 days more before Uta no Oniisan will be on air..*throws confetti around Oh-chan* I can't wait to watch he acting again..Definetly watch this^^ And right now I just finish watching Bloody Monday ep.9 and I really recommend this drama to anyone who likes hacking..secret..and mystery..I really loves Miura Haruma in this drama..before this..I watch him in Koizora the movie..and he's really kakoii!!*I'm Sorry Jun..give me 5minutes to adore Miura-san*..

Ahh..it's time to stop now..I got to finish my report before my supervisor getting angry to me..haha..I'm really lazy last two weeks..but now..I'm really motivated doing this..so Minna..please take care of yourself ne^^before I forgot..this is my promote blog..please visit ne..http://jutawannur9005.blogspot.com/
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C's KiRaNa
21 November 2008 @ 12:58 pm
just like the title..I'm crazy now..stuck in campus for a month when all students back home for holiday plus get to finish all my lab work with my supervisor who never understand how hard my project eventhough he the one who gave me the project..but since its not his specialist in that project..just ignore me and give more attention to my friends*must I call their friends?I didn't friendly with boys*.Their project are much much easier than me..they did not have to start from dry the recycle aggregate..made gradation..do experiment to find the sg..they just start to mix the batching..and I spend almost 2month to do the basic works..It really annoyed me when the supervisor always ask when I will finish my lab work since all the students under his had been done their project..when I went to his room and show him what I've done..he didnt understand anything and just ask when I will do the mix..It's really ridiculous!I'm just the one girl works in the highway lab and it really made me uneasy because I'm not really friendly with boys and mens..except with my helper..Mr.Zul,a Phd student who do research the same project like me about recycled asphalt pavement..

Stop bambling about my crazy final year project..hope next week I can do the mix and have to bear untih 4th December because the night I will go back home for 9 days to celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha..

Now..Fangirl crazinest^^ I got my jumbo uchiwa Oh Chan,clearfile Oh Chan and clearfile Groups two weeks ago from taipei concert..Maximuummmm Happy!!I called my dearest sister and screammm aloud..and of course..my sister call me crazy because she in the cinema watching movie..*sorry dear,I'm too excited*..she went to Kino and said there are many photobook of Arashi and do the calculation for how much we need to save to buy all of them..at that time I'm eating chicken soup at pizza hut and my unlucky friend got angry because I spilled the soup to her..haha..soryy Zarin..I just can't bear to laugh about my sister..when she knows why I'm laughing..she said "You're really crazy fangirl Ive ever seen..and I can't imagine how crazy you are when you with your sister talking about Arashi"..I'm sorry dear..I'll definetely invite my sister to my campus to show her how crazy my sister and I when we're talking about Arashi..

This is long post ne..since my last post..I'll try to post more when I've time...have to go now..I need to bath and go to cafe for lunch..ja ne^^
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C's KiRaNa
18 October 2008 @ 10:12 am
first of all..I want to thanks to all my friends who had wish me on my birthday!really..it's really sweet and made me the happy girl in this planet..thanks to riori_addict,litany chan,xumiie chan and kos_mos26..Love you guys!*hugs all*

actually..I dont really celebrate my birthday on 15th October..that day is really really busy day and I cant sleep to finish my proposal..goshh!My final year project is really make me crazy..and next week I'll present my proposal and lucky me..my supervisor will be not around and the panel is not the specialize in Asphalt Industry..But, still..I'm nervous..

enough about my miserable life...

yesterday..Rnk IS ON AIR!!and I can't get watch them online..internet sucks!!I'm hope that I'm in my home so that I can watch them..

and now..I'm crazy with photobook..after buying Arashi is Alive..I'm looking for other Arashi photobooks and My Ohno Otakara photobook is on the way from Singapore..Cant wait to see chibi Ohno!!
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C's KiRaNa
15 October 2008 @ 10:56 am
Today is 15th October 2008..and TODAY is MY BIRTHDAY!!I feel that time goes around so quickly..It feels like just yesterday my Mom sent me to the college when I was 18 and now I am 22 years old!but,I never feels I'm that kind of old..hahah..still behave like a kid..and I hope this year, I'll become more mature and independent person since I'm really esy going person and most my friends I'm not mature enough eventhough I've plan myself my future..well..for me..wHAT eVER^^

It doesn't matter to me at all since I got support from my beloved family..my Boyfriend and also ARASHI!!

wel..i didn't have time to write coz i need to rush to my lab..wish You all happy beautiful days!!Ja ne^^
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C's KiRaNa
21 September 2008 @ 10:46 am
this is meme i got it from riori_addict..its fun^^

> 1. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
> 2. Answer one question with one name.
> 3. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

4.intan z
6.intan s
20.aimee chan
27.ai chan
29.Ohno Satoshi!!
30.great to know all of u and really appreciate all of u as my friends!
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C's KiRaNa
18 September 2008 @ 04:25 pm
it was almost a month that i didn't write any post..really busy with final year project and watching drama + korean tv show ^^ nowadays,i've really into korean tv show, "we got married"..there are very funny show..and i cant stop laugh while watching..

and today is "SUPER DUPER HAPPY"..my Arashi is Alive Photobook is arrived!!it's really thick and all the photos are amazing..but i'm not really like the paper books..whatever..the most important,i'm really happy to have it!

8 more days before i go back to home to celebrate Aidilfitri after one month fasting..ehhh..it kinda fast ne..today is the 18th day..can't wait to go home to see my parents and my nephew, Amirul..hehe..now, he is 5 month and likes to talking by himself..really miss him ^^

Last Tuesday is Arashi 9th Anniversary!Happy Anniversary Arashi!!Wish ALl of you a good health and success in the future..I'm really hope that one day, Arashi will have a concert in Malaysia..

Get to go now..hehee..3more hours before i can eat..so now,have to go to cafeteria to buy some foods..today is really hot day..and i dont want to eat rice..just want to but milo iced..hahah..ja ne minna!^^
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C's KiRaNa
09 August 2008 @ 01:32 am
i've play the truth pv for almost 50 times..hahaha..for the first time..my internet in campus being kind to me..i can download the pv..and watch the pv..make my nose bleeding and my heart "dupdapdupdap"..my heart beat so fast as fast as the dance for truth..ahhh..the dance and the music is really wonderful ne..the orchestra+dance=perfect performance in pv..and i think this is the most wonderful arashi's pv^__^..

cannot wait to go home nweek and download the maou..i will spend 1 week at home and i will download all arashi's stuff..hahaha..i've been repeated this for almost ten times ne..gomene if i'm kinda boring ne..but it's really boring ne if u can't download all the arashi's stuff and watch them ne..so, when i can get back to home..i feel relieved that i can watch all latest arashi's stuff..especially watching them with my sis..we'll scream and laugh together..it is the most happy moment ne since i can meet my sis during holiday only..

actually i sleep kind late today..can't stop hearing the truth..such a crazy ne..hahaha..whatever everyone say..i'm just a fangirl..^__^
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C's KiRaNa
30 July 2008 @ 02:04 pm
check my email just now and got an email from KDDI regarding my inquiry through their website last night..and they said they will confirm the details of the matter what had happened with him, then they will decide what they should do with their commercial promotion concerned..*relieved*..

i hope the rumors will ended soon..and i never though that my email reach them and they will reply my email a.s.a.p like this..hope everyone can be relax now and waiting for johnny's official statement ne..
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